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All ponies & horses leave with a brand new head collar and lead rope
and come wormed up to date and feet trimmed.
Shetland pony for sale.



Welcome and thank you for visiting our website, we are very proud of our Shetland pony and Falabella stud and specialise in both pedigree miniature and standard Shetland ponies and 100% pure bred Falabella horses for sale and welcome anybody that wishes to visit. 

Our foundation stock was mostly small but based on the very best breeding with good strong bone, good conformation and temperaments, the majority of ponies are registered with the Shetland pony stud-book society and in 2013 we took delivery of our first ever 100% pure Falabella horses.

We spent all the money that we could afford then and since to ensure that our breeding program progressed quickly and successfully. This included purchasing the son of the most famous miniature pony in the world Romany Paco called Bulkgwyn Toby from the owners of Romany Paco, Toby has served us very well over the years.

We have since added to our stallions with many other stud bloodlines and they include Edern, Hermits & Merrylees to mention a few, we also see our own Sandbeck stock becoming great stallions and many who are homozygous for the tobiano gene, so will always have coloured foals even to plain coloured mares.

In 2013 we have introduced two new Falabella Stallions and two young colts, who we are hoping will be our future Falabella Stallions, we get very excited about the foals coming each year around April to June time.

Romany Paco is still the only miniature Shetland pony that has been a World Champion miniature, a European champion three times and a British Champion at the annual breed show, there has still never to date been any other miniature Shetland pony or other miniature horse that has done so well in the show ring.

Many of Romany Paco's offspring are now winning championships around the UK and Europe and we now see many of Sandbeck ponies doing the same which is such a joy and heart warming to hear about.

We feel very privileged to have bred these beautiful Shetland ponies for sale for many years now and find ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of Shetland ponies all over the world, exporting ponies as far as China and America. We supply ponies to many different customers from pet homes to local authorities across the country for their public parks, we have over 100 ponies and horses at any given time at our farm and the hardest problem people have is choice as we have so many beautiful ponies and horses.

I hope you like our website and that you get what you need from it, please don’t forget to visit all our pony pages if you are interested in purchasing one of our beautiful ponies or horses.

Many thanks once again Shetland pony for sale

Darren & Louise